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Effective Environmental Services produce Naturally Organic Products that are 100% Chemical Free

Pond Magician from Effective Environmental Services
Pond Magician is an organic pond cleaner that cleans ponds and lakes and benefits your fish and plants as it works


Effective Environmental Services is a sub division of Organic Environmental Technology. We are dedicated to the use of naturally organic solutions for cleaning, soil enhancement, gardening, pond cleaning and general health with environmentally friendly products and safe solutions.

Our products are made with beneficial microorganisms that work with Mother Nature and not against her. This proprietary mixture of Beneficial Microorganisms (Probiotics Technology) clean up toxic environments and enhance existing environments.

These microbes work on the basis of "Competitive Exclusion", meaning they compete directly with the harmful bacteria’s food, and thus reduce and or eliminate them.

The environments that this group of microbes can clean are, contaminated soil, contaminated or toxic bodies of water, environments that produce excessive odors, waste water treatment plants and landfills. The environments that these microbes can enhance are, soil, water, plants and animals.

Our everyday life is completely filled with microorganisms. They play an integral part of life, cleaning or contaminating water, treating or causing diseases, enhancing or rotting foods - among other things. One well known role of microorganisms is that of a decomposer - rotting dead plants and dead animal bodies and returning them to the soil. However, microorganisms also play a key role in our daily lives.

Some kinds of microorganisms help us, but other kinds give us trouble. Among microorganisms, there are good bacteria which help humans and bad bacteria which harm humans. Good bacteria clean water, produce cheese, bread etc. and are of help to human health. Bad bacteria contaminate soil, pollute water and air. They cause sickness and disease and degrade human health.

Soil, water, air, animals and human beings all make up the environment which needs to be maintained and enhanced to ensure that we all enjoy the life and continue to find enough to live on.

Use of these environmentally friendly and safe products should be given much more attention by one and all.

Magic Bokashi Composter from Effective Environmental Services
Magic Bokashi Composter an indoor year round composting system for the home or office to recycle kitchen or lunchroom waste into an organic soil conditioner .


Magic Sinkers from Effective Environmental Services
Magic Sinkers are used to remove sludge, algae and pollutants in ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans
Mold Magician from Effective Environmental Services
Mold Magician contains a consortium of live beneficial healthy microbes that help to clean mold through competitive exclusion.
Septic Magician from Effective Environmental Services
Septic Magician is a live probiotics product that naturally controls septic system tank and cesspool odors and provides septic treatment.
Rancher's Helper from Effective Environmental Services
Rancher's Helper is a special formulation of beneficial microorganisms that improve the microbial balance of complex living systems
Rancher's Helper from Effective Environmental Services
Aquarium Magician is a 100% Naturally Organic cleaner for salt water or fresh water aquariums. It is non-toxic and completely safe for all life forms.
Organic Office Cleaner from Effective Environmental Services
Office Building is a completely all natural cleaner that is high in natural antioxidants and helps to protect metals from rusting.
Dry Erase from Effective Environmental Services
Dry Erase Board Cleaner is an environmentally friendly dry erase cleaner, white board, and marker board cleaner.
Organic Lawn and Garden Product from Effective Environmental Services
Organic Lawn & Garden is a 100% organic solution of beneficial microbes that help establish a healthy balance of soil ecology.
Organic Odor Control from Effective Environmental Services
Organic Odor Control is environmentally safe and is made with live, beneficial microorganisms and control odors naturally.

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